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1:1 Root Cause Work 

Now accepting new clients

Offered in this 6 month container is monthly individual functional medicine nutrition consultations with access to function lab testing & analysis. 
Stop DIYing your health. Get the testing and support you need to find the answers you've been searching for. 
Take the overwhelm out of your health journey and let Kristen do the detective work.

Are you ready to get the testing & support you need to find the answers you've been after? 

Take the overwhelm out of your journey.

One-on-One Benefits

1:1 Appointments

Personal guidance & attention, all functional lab testing included (priced at cost) and individualized protocols.
  • Extensive health history intake and health assessment
  • Dietary review
  • Lab test recommendations & analysis
  • Check-ins through HIPAA-compliant patient portal
  • Customized Protocol: comprehensive and personalized written action plan with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to guide you forward on your path
  • Access to functional labs tests 
  • Full transparency: you have access to all labs, data & results
  • Lab interpretation videos for you to keep

I have extensive experience working with a variety of health struggles

Hormonal Health

Estrogen dominance, luteal phase defect, fertility awareness method, optimizing hormones preconception and nutrient status.

Adrenal Fatigue

HPA Axis dysfunction and cortisol dysregulation.

Digestive Disorders

SIBO, IBS, Celiac, IBD, chronic constipation, bloating, belly discomfort, heartburn, gastritis, and H. Pylori.

Autoimmune Conditions

Hashimoto's and other thyroid disorders, chronic pain, and fatigue

Blood Sugar Issues

PCOS, Diabetes & other metabolic disorders.

Skin-Related Issues

Acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis.

Mold-Related Disorders

Mold exposure or mold toxicity can manifest in many different things including asthma, eczema, brain fog, estrogen dominance and gut issues.

Does this sound like you?

You've tried to do “everything right” with your diet and you're still not getting the results you want.

You read a lot about food, diet and health, but need some help discerning how to prioritize this information.

You’ve Googled, researched and tried everything on your own. You’re tired of throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. 

You’re overwhelmed by all the health and diet information you hear and need someone to help you discern what’s appropriate for you.

You feel as though you've slipped through the cracks of conventional medicine and aren't getting any answers.

You feel as though you’ve been overlooked and under-heard by other practitioners and health care providers.

You want a skilled and experienced practitioner who listens deeply and is willing to research and think critically about your case.

You’re looking for someone to help pull things together, do the detective work, uncover things that may have been overlooked, and fill in the missing puzzle pieces. 

You want someone who is constantly learning and stays up-to-date on all current research.

You’re looking to move beyond the one-size-fits-all protocol.

You're looking to develop a relationship with a health professional that is always in your corner and willing to act as an advocate for you and your health.

You’re ready. I'm ready to be your advocate and personal health detective. Are you ready to do the same? I only accept clients who are ready to take responsibility for creating their own health.

We collaborate as a team, but ultimately you have to do the work. Change and transformation require commitment. If you’re ready to commit to your healing journey, I'm so excited to be a partner on your path! 

Meet Kristen

I’m a Functional Nutritionist and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner but most importantly I’m a female who has had my fair share of hormone and health issues.


When I was 14, I was put on the birth control pill for terrible cystic acne when all the dermatologist pills/ creams weren’t working and I stayed on it until I was 28. I only quit to start a family of my own but this came with a whole host of problems including: acne came back full force, digestive issues, mood and libido problems.


Needless to say, my body and health were much worse off after coming off birth control than they were before I went on.

For 6 years to follow– I experienced postpartum depression, mineral deficiencies, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, copper toxicity and estrogen dominance…I knew I needed to get to the root cause of my symptoms and find hormonal harmony again.

I took my health into my own hands this time and was determined to get back into the driver’s seat of my health and feel empowered again.

Once I made the connection between my hormones and my health, I made it my mission to create a program that would educate, empower and transform women for the rest of their lives.

Thus, my 1:1 Functional Medicine practice was born.


"My main issue was gut health. Secondary issues were mood & energy. I was tired of spending money on random supplements & trying to troubleshoot everything on my own...I loved the coaching aspect. Kristen was so helpful answering all of my questions and providing her advice."


"Working with Kristen is a dream. She takes the time to explain what is happening in your body and why the changes she suggests are important. Not only do I feel healthier and more in control of my relationship with food, but I also understand all of the changes we made and see them as lifestyle changes and not just a diet. I had invested $1,000s in trying to override my base issues with fertility treatments. I was excited to get down to the root issues and heal my body."


"My energy levels have been through the roof. And my inflammation has basically disappeared. I no longer have hot flashes so frequently. I sleep through the night and pop out of bed awake. I am able to workout and still have energy throughout the day to do everything I need to do for my family. The amount of energy I have is almost unbelievable at times. I used to be afraid to workout on a day that I had a lot to do because it would take so much energy out of me. Not anymore. I have energy for it all."


"I had incredible results. We worked together for a while and my migraines, which were
1-2/month, decreased to about 1 every couple months. There was even a period of about 5 months where I didn't have a migraine at all. My gut issues improved and I was able to enjoy food more without constantly worrying about an upset stomach!"


"I feel better than I have in my whole life. I have energy, I don't overthink, I feel calm, no anxiety. Its actually kind of a weird feeling because this is a new and wonderful feeling.
I'm getting stronger. I eliminated my night time snacking-compulsion. I don't feel sluggish, I am able to accomplish everything I set out to do with no afternoon slump!
I feel more confident about making lasting changes towards the healthy lifestyle I have wanted for a long time.


"If you’re thinking about working with Kristen don’t hesitate - just sign up! I came to her with so many health issues - fatigue, vomiting, stomach pains, hair loss to just name a few. My body was just so tired and I had gone from doctor to doctor with no luck. Kristen treated me with compassion, kindness, and understanding. I learned how to eat well and eat intuitively. My resistance workouts have pushed me in the best way and I’m getting stronger each day. I have felt supported and listened to. Kristen taught me how to give myself grace and I feel so excited to keep going forward on my health and wellness journey!


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