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Meet Kristen


Kristen is a Functional Nutritionist who holds a B.S. in Professional Chemistry. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Her passion for digestion and hormone health began back in 2010 when she found herself battling depression, anxiety and was left frustrated with an extra 50 pounds on her body. 

After getting off (14 years!) of hormonal birth control--her skin's health went south and she found herself staring back in the mirror at cystic acne and scarring. It wasn't until she was able to heal her gut and balance her own hormones that she finally found relief from her daily frustration. 

It was her own health and wellness journey that led her to become the passionate functional nutritionist she is today. She is empowered to help other women break free from their own chronic illnesses through natural, science-based healing protocols.


Kristen guides women to heal naturally through a whole foods approach and lifestyle changes. She identifies the root cause of whatever dysfunction is going on through functional lab testing and formulates a custom-tailored health formula unique to each person. 

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